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Livpure Smart O2 580 Air purifier

Livpure Smart O2 580 Air purifier

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Livpure Smart O2 580 Air purifier

Purification Technology: HEPA Filter

India’s first smart Wi-Fi enabled air purifier with 5 stage filtration technology suitable for 69.68 sq.m area. Its unique design for 360 degree air inlet, which delivers CADR of 580 m3/hr and digital indicator on top, indicates the quality of air automatically.

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  • Can placed it anywhere in the room
  • Removes bacteria, smoke, dust, pollen, formaldehyde.
  • The 1st Air Purifier with Wi-Fi connectivity, can be controlled through Android mobile app
  • Unique design for 360 degree air inlet & 580 m3/hr CADR
  • Can cover a room area of 69.68 sq.m
  • Unique 5 stage Filter process
  • 4 Modes in Mobile App - Weekend Mode,Intelligent Mode,Child Sleep Mode,Reservation Mode
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    Studies have reported that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. Even in the confines of our homes, we are exposed to a number of pollutants such as radon from building materials, tobacco smoke, mold, dust, and paint. Buy air purifiers online from Livpure for a clean and clear air in your apartment.

    The Smart O2 580 Air Purifier from Livpure is your best bet when it comes to improving the quality of the air in your indoor environment. It is India’s first air purifier with Wi-Fi connectivity which is Android mobile app controlled. The air purifier helps in the removal of bacteria, smoke, dust, and pollen. Formaldehyde, a chemical found in plywood, glues, grocery bags, and tissues, has been linked to several respiratory disorders. The Smart O2 580 Air Purifier is one step ahead, as it is capable of eliminating this harmful chemical from your house. A unique feature of this product is its support for Wi-Fi connectivity, which enables you to operate this purifier through an Android mobile application.

    The Smart O2 580 Air Purifier works over an area of 69.68 sq.m.  and is portable enough to occupy any space in your room. The air purifier operates in the following four modes through a corresponding mobile app: Weekend, Intelligent, Child Sleep, and Reservation. It features a 360-degree air inlet and delivers a CADR of 580 cubic meter/hour. Its five-stage filtration process is as follows:

    Pre-filter: Pre-filtration is an important step in purification. A pre-filter captures large particles such as debris from air. Pre-filters are immensely efficient in removing particulate pollutants, as they do not release these particles back into the atmosphere. Ensure that you get the pre-filter replaced from time to time, as it is prone to damage.

    HEPA Filter: A HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is capable of capturing minute particles such as microbial spores.

    The filtration process proceeds in three stage:

    Interception: Catches particles (bigger than 0.4 microns) sticking to the fiber of the filter

    Impaction: Catches particles that come into contact with the HEPA fiber on account of the movement of the airstream

    Diffusion: Catches particles smaller than 0.1 microns such as microbes

    Activated Carbon Filter: The main functions of an activated carbon filter are removal of toxins and odor control. The filter absorbs harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, making the indoor environment suitable for asthmatics, babies, and the elderly alike. This stage of filtration helps remove unpleasant odors, leaving behind a fresh feel.

    Cold Catalyst Filter: Filtration in this stage involves removal of harmful gases and volatile organic compounds released by paints, varnishes, furnishings, perfume, etc.

    Molecular Sieve Filter: Molecular sieves consist of extremely small pores that trap adsorbed substances. This stage of filtration is characterized by the capture of harmful gases.

    A clean, breathable environment is a necessity in today’s times, with pollution reaching alarming levels. Livpure helps you breathe easy by bringing the best air purifiers for your home.

Technical Specifications

Material of Construction Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Product Dimension (W*D*H) (mm) 33*33*71.7 mm
Installation Do It Yourself Installation
Purification Technology HEPA Filter
Stages of Purification 5 Stages
Purification Capacity Upto 12 Litres/hour*
Power Consumption true
Filter Replacement Cycle 12 months
Indicator LED PM Indicator
Noise level (DB) <60 dB
Sales Package 1 Air Purifier,Power Cable and Manual
Service Type On Call

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Covered In Warranty 1 Year


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