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Authorised Online Sellers

At Livpure, we select our authorized resellers after satisfying ourselves that they comply with our required standards of maintaining quality of products and related services. We have observed that our products are being sold by some unauthorized sellers on various e-commerce websites. We cannot ensure that these sellers comply with our quality and service standards and Product purchased from such resellers may be damaged, or have missing parts or could be counterfeit and their activity of offering our products online is unauthorized.While we are taking action against such resellers, we advise you to purchase our Livpure products from our list of authorized resellers only. Please note that company does not offer usual product warranties on any product purchased from any unauthorized reseller and any such purchase will be on buyers’ own risk and costs. `

Portal Seller Name Ncubate India Services Pvt Ltd
Amazon Ncubate India Services Pvt Ltd
Amazon Livpure
Amazon Cloudtail
Flipkart Livpure North
Flipkart Ncubate
Paytm Livpure-Andhra Pradesh
Paytm Livpure-Assam
Paytm Livpure-Bihar
Paytm Livpure-Chandigarh
Paytm Livpure-Chattisgarh
Paytm Livpure-West Bengal
Paytm Livpure-Madhya Pradesh
Paytm Livpure
Paytm Livpure-Haryana
Paytm Livpure-J&K
Paytm Livpure-Jharkhand
Paytm Livpure-Karnataka
Paytm Livpure-Nagpur
Paytm Livpure-Pune
Paytm Livpure-Orissa
Paytm Livpure-Punjab
Paytm Livpure-Rajasthan
Paytm Livpure-Tamilnadu
Paytm Livpure-Telangana
Paytm Livpure-U.P
Paytm Livpure-Uttrakhand
Paytm Livpure-Gujarat
Snapdeal NISPL