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Has Water Purifier Become an Absolute Necessity in India? May Be Yes!

Apr 24, 2018

Water, one of the most abundant resources, is one of the absolute necessities to sustain life. The human body consists of about 70% of water, and this fact underlines the necessity of water as a resource for our survival. While 71% of the total earth surface is covered with water bodies, it is really difficult to believe that we have access to just 1% of potable freshwater. This makes “potable” water a critically scarce resource.

Clean, safe and pure drinking water is an absolute necessity for the well being of humans. With the continuous advancement in technology and the ever-increasing growth of the industrial sector, the pollution levels are increasing. While other resources like land and air are getting affected, water is affected the most. By virtue of it being a good solvent, water dissolves all the harmful chemicals and pollutants that come in contact with it. The result is that even the 1% of potable water is getting polluted and becoming unfit for drinking.

In a third world country like India, pollution levels are increasing at an alarming rate. Contaminated and impure drinking water can cause serious illnesses like diarrhoea, worm infections and others. India has an extensive natural occurrence of harmful chemicals like fluoride and arsenic in groundwater, which can only be purified by a purifier. Hence, a good water purifier is a must to ensure safe drinking.

While having a purifier is a necessity given the present scenario in India, choosing one is a hectic task. With so many purifiers out in the market, opting for the best one that fits your pocket is a very difficult task. While all purifiers either run on either UV light, filter technology o reverse osmosis, each one of them has something unique that sets them apart from the others. The one thing that you should always check is that the purifier keeps the water consistent and pure.

The purifiers come in three types classified on the basis of the water treatment technique used.

Purifiers applying the distillation technique are the basic ones. It has been known since ages that boiling the water and cooling the resultant vapour results in pure water while the impurities are left behind. However, if you pot for the distillation technique to purify your drinking water then you should opt for advanced water purifiers that make use of modern apparatus. The only problem with distillation purifiers is that their work rate is slow as compared to the others.

Reverse Osmosis:
At present, reverse osmosis is one of the most powerful purification methods. The water is passed through a selectively permeable membrane. The membrane selectively rejects the impurities and pure water is allowed to pass through. However, the membrane is sensitive to chlorine and has to be protected with active carbon filters. Though the life expectancy of RO purifiers is about 6 to 8 years, the process is comparatively slower and has a requirement of a substantial pressure.

UV water purification:
The most efficient water purification system available in the market today is UV based. It is a cost effective system that helps in removing a plethora of biological waste and contaminants from the drinking water supply.

It has some distinct advantages over other types of purification techniques.

The most important thing to notice here is that UV systems don’t leave even a trace of chemicals or by-product along with no change in the properties of water such as its pH level. This is not only environment-friendly and also minimizes the waste output from a UV water purifier.

Also, a UV based water purification system requires less power usage and minimal replacement of filters or other mechanical parts. In the long-term, such advantages are crucial in selecting a water purification system for residential as well as industrial purposes. In terms of water flow, UV scores good points over others, which enables a steady flow of purification, saving time and improving the efficiency of the water purification.

The ever-increasing pollution has made potable water a critical resource in India. You always run a risk of getting into serious health issues by taking in impure and contaminated water that contains toxic chemical and biological waste. It is therefore of utmost importance to install a good water purifier at home to prevent any serious health problems by water-borne contaminants.

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