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20 Amazing Skin and Beauty Benefits of Using Ice Cubes on Your Body

Apr 11, 2017

With summer having arrived already,’ice’ is a term which you’ll get to hear quite often! From pouring cubes of ice in your favourite beverage or curing a bad bruise that you might have got during one of those games of football, ice finds its way to almost everything in our daily schedule. And while you may have an array of expensive products to keep yourself beautiful and radiant in this extremely harsh season, an ice cube can help keep your skin healthy! Ice is a brilliant option to help rejuvenate your skin, clear acne and increase radiance.

Purified water plays an important role in keeping your skin healthy. It’s equally important that the source of water for the formed ice cubes needs to be clean and pure as well. Drinking the right amount of clean water on a regular basis is beneficial too. Read on to learn some of the most amazing effects that an ice cube can have on your skin.


1. Reduces dark circles

Only those who have got these not-so-beautiful spots under their eyes know the pain of going around with them. These dark circles developing under the eyes might seem to be stubborn, and that’s exactly why ice will help you out. You just need to freeze a liquid mixture of cucumber juice and boiled rose water. Apply the resultant ice cubes onto the rims under the eyes, and those dark circles would slowly go away.

2. Cures acne

Applying ice to your face can help you get rid of the pestering acne that has always made you feel frustrated. Ice cubes soak away the oil from your skin and work wonders in curing swellings and spots caused due to acne.

3. Cleanses skin pores

Our skin has a large number of pores that help us detoxify and perspire. Though these are quite helpful on their own, the only disadvantage is that these pores hold on to dirt and make your skin look tired and worn out. Applying ice onto the face cleans these pores, and your skin becomes healthy, glowing and smooth.

4. Works as a pre-primer applicant

Before you apply your makeup, apply an ice cube on your face, and it’ll make your skin look even more healthy and beautiful. It’ll also help your foundation look flawless.

5. Improves blood circulation

Skin icing is a great way to improve blood circulation. The ice constricts all the blood vessels, which consequently results in the skin receiving a lower amount of blood. To maintain a balance, an excess amount of blood then circulates the skin making it look lively and healthy.

6. Reduces puffiness under eyes

If you suffer from puffy eyes or have bags under your eyes, then ice cubes serve the purpose. Ice has the quality to reduce swellings, and thus makes these swollen bags disappear quickly. Apply ice on the affected areas, and your beautiful eyes will get back in shape.

7. Reduces wrinkles

Ageing isn’t something that can be controlled by any human or technology. However, controlling wrinkles that actually make you look aged can be achieved through skin icing. Applying ice to your skin diminishes wrinkles that have formed on your skin, and even helps in controlling the formation of new ones.

8. Removes facial hair

Having great facial hair might be a dream for the men out there, but it isn’t certainly the case for women. Having a striking amount of facial hair might make you frustrated as it certainly messes with your appearance. However, icing can be a great way to remove that stubborn hair from your face. Though waxing might give you instant results, it isn’t a permanent cure. Applying ice and using a facial scrub might take a bit more time to deliver the results, but it will be a permanent and natural solution as well.

9. Softens lips

Ice leaves a soothing and softening effect on chapped lips. Pain and inflammation may follow as well. Applying ice on chapped lips and drinking adequate water helps your lips to retain moisture and stay glossy and beautiful.

10. Brightens the skin

Do you find your skin all oily and dull, almost always? If that’s the case, then look no further than skin icing. Icing revives your skin health and brightens up your skin naturally. Since it improves blood circulation, your skin automatically gets the radiance that you have long wished for.

11. Cures heat rashes

If you have ever been a victim of a heat rash, you would definitely know the pain of carrying it and more so, in the case of curing it. Applying ice cubes wrapped in a cotton towel on the affected area can give you instant relief from the inflammation and can cure the same.

12. Massages skin

A massage is a great way to relieve stress. Rubbing a few ice cubes all over your face actually proves to be a great massage that rejuvenates your skin. The bumps of these cubes that you feel on your face improve the blood flow and make your skin radiant.

13. Reduces skin inflammation

Skin inflammations and redness can occur due to various reasons such as a long exposure to the sun’s rays or even allergies. In such cases, applying ice on the affected areas gives you instant relief from the inflammation.

14. Beautifies the skin

While simple skin icing does actually work quite well to improve the skin, it can be made all the more effective by adding certain ingredients such as cucumber, rose water and aloe. Mix all these and freeze into ice cubes. Apply the same on your face, and learn the healing power of nature.

15. Provides relief from sunburns

Aloe Vera ice cubes work wonders if you are suffering from a case of severe sunburn. The reddishness and inflammation that are common to sunburn will automatically fade when you apply this wonder life hack to the affected areas.

16. Exfoliates skin

Applying milk ice cubes to the face beats any other chemical when it comes to exfoliation. Natural and pure, this method will save both your skin and some bucks. Get ready for a facelift, as the lactic acid in milk does away with the dead cells, while the ice gives your skin a natural glow and radiance.

17. Gives an oil-free look

While having oily skin does have its own merits like keeping the skin hydrated for long, the demerits also vary. Oily skin can trigger an outbreak of stubborn acne, which can leave your face scarred. Applying ice on your face will help in controlling the oil by keeping the fat cells of your skin under control, thereby giving your face a vibrant feel.

18. Reduces eye-strain

Do you spend a hectic day at the office staring at your computer screen? Your eyes deserve a good break. Ice cubes will do the job quite well. They’ll help in relieving the strain caused to your eyes.

19. Reduces tweezing pain

While tweezing the eyebrows is a “must-do” for almost all the women out there, the pain associated with it is also a glaring truth. However, you needn’t suffer the pain while you have ice at your service. Apply the ice cubes on and around the eyebrows to give a partial numbing effect, and you won’t feel the tweezing pain at all.

20. Natural make-up

Have you ever been in such a hurry that you couldn’t even apply your makeup? Well, for these busy souls, there isn’t a better way to keep the skin glowing than applying ice. Skin icing exfoliates and rejuvenates your skin, and gives your face a beautiful and radiant look even if you are unable to apply a proper make-up.

So, wait no more. Just pick an ice cube and go about rejuvenating yourself. Make sure you use it in the right way for not more than 15 minutes, and you will find your skin more lively and radiant than ever before.

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